About TurnScor

Providing the solution.
Launching a new software platform has many challenges, TURNSCOR wasn't any different. Our development team was given the task of taking what most believe to be complex and difficult ( credit management process ) , and make it user friendly. Understanding the nuances ( FCRA Laws ) of managing your personal credit profile can be a daunting task. However, if given the proper tools and direction, the average everyday American can help themselves get back on sound financial footing. No need to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to pay a lawyer or third party to do what you can do for yourself. This was the sole reason we developed TURNSCOR. The major credit bureaus and creditors would like for you to remain uninformed, thus allowing them to charge you higher rates of interest based on your personal credit scores. This reason alone makes it very difficult to build wealth without a high credit score.

You can make a difference.
The FCRA ( Fair Credit Reporting Act ) clearly states that the information in your personal credit profile has to be accurate and verifiable. It also states that you have the right to petition the three major credit bureaus and force them to validate the accuracy of items in your profile that may be inaccurate, outdated, or simply wrong. And they must provide you with a “Free” copy of your updated report 30 days after you petition them. Were you aware of that? Most among us simply don't take the time to understand how easy the process is. If you can invest 30 minutes per month, you can improve your personal credit profile. The result of a higher credit score gives you more personal financial freedom, as well as multiple choices in the type of credit you wish to have.

Our team provides you with all of the learning tools to succeed.
Everyone learns differently, some understand better by reading, others by watching a video, or by watching a tutorial of the actual process. We have combined all 3 in our “Training Center”, you simply pick what works the best for you and start helping yourself. Time is going to pass either way, why not be pro active and get back on track financially. Remember, we built this platform so the average person could comprehend the “process” and go from start to finish without a lot “What Next?” . You simply need to access the software, follow the steps, and allow the “system” to remind you of what to do next, computers rarely forget! So sign up, get started, and let the software guide you to a better personal credit score!