Credit Repair Agencies Can Dispute Several Types of Derogatory Items

Credit repair agencies can be used to fix inaccuracies or outdated information found within your history report. You must first know what items are disputable before the benefits of these professionals can truly be understood. Not every item can be removed and can be expected to remain there for up to seven years. Some bankruptcies have an extended reporting time of ten years. Accurate negative items are only lessened by creating a more positive financial history. Companies review the most current information making it essential to begin resolving debts, lowering balances, and making your payments on time. An agency is capable of disputing these forms of inaccurate data:

  • Bad Account Information
  • Mistaken Identity
  • False Payment History Data
  • Existence of Outdated Information
  • Misinterpreted Credit Limits

Reporting bureaus are required to investigate any disputes provided in writing and have thirty days to respond once this notification is received. If a response is not received, another letter must be sent regarding the item. Bureaus send a reply letter when the problem is considered to be frivolous or you have submitted too many complaints in a short timeframe. It is for this reason that agencies span out disputes over a period of months. A professional evaluates your report to pinpoint problems and provide advice regarding the ones most pertinent to your score.

Valid errors are removed in instances where a mistake has truly been made or when the creditor is unable to provide additional proof for their submitted information. Service agencies give you the upper hand by having previous experience and knowledge about the required processes. When an issue is found to be frivolous, credit repair agencies have the additional tools necessary to continue working toward resolution of the issue.

An agency reviews the report, any filed letters, replies, and other data to determine if the issue can be fought further. You can prevent a score drop or begin increasing it by remedying errors as quickly as possible. These agencies have the tools, inside knowledge, and time to ensure your credit is not being harmed due to someone else’s mistakes.

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