Credit Repair Business Software Can Help You Increase the Chance of Approval

A good credit rating is essential if you have been contemplating a new venture or will be in need of a loan soon. Obtaining credit history is the easiest way to know what currently resides on the report seen by companies or lenders assessing the risk associated with approval. The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows every consumer to view this information once a year at no cost. You will need to review this data to determine if discrepancies in the form of clerical errors, falsely reported information, or fraud are affecting available opportunities.

These specific actions must occur once errors have been identified:

•    Highlighting Problems
•    Making Copies of the Report
•    Gathering Supportive Documentation
•    Drafting Dispute Letters
•    Monitoring Dispute Progress
•    Sending Follow-Up Letters
•    Contacting Individual Creditors for Further Resolution

The processes involved with these necessary repair actions can be extensive depending on the number of issues found. Expect to invest a few hours into the preparation of all the documentation needed to draft and send a dispute letter to one bureau. Errors shown on each agencies report require a separate letter to be sent. The documents must be sent by certified mail and then tracked to ensure the bureau is investigating the issue. Additional letters are required if the reporting agency does not resolve the problem within thirty days.

Most consumers do not have the time necessary to manage the tasks required to resolve problems and improve their report. Credit repair business software is a tool you can use to automate this process and ease the workload behind making these fixes. This software can be used to maintain a healthy history, fix discrepancies, or to determine if identity theft has occurred at a minimal cost. You can use supplied templates to:

•    Accurately Dispute Errors
•    Generate Sample Credit Scores
•    Track Bureau Progress
•    Improve Supplied Credit Information
•    Maintain a Solid Score

It is an investment every business should make when a line of credit is imperative to success and is a proven tool for helping any consumer gain increased financial freedom.

TURNSCOR is the industry leading Credit Repair Software platfrom.

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