Credit Software: Guiding You toward an Improved Rating

Millions of consumers struggle with maintaining a healthy credit score for a number reasons. Individual desire to be a low risk option to lenders or companies is high; however, things happen as the years pass. You might experience an income slump where bills are hard to pay for a period of time or forget about a medical charge that ends up going to collections. Your history and reported number can significantly decrease when these situations occur. One late payment, a default, or too many inquiries lower the chance of being approved for a loan or decreased rates.

What can be done once a bad history or low score becomes prevalent? Begin by resolving unpaid accounts, hitting due dates, and working on paying off high balances to improve your most current history. Credit software is an available option for correcting these records and increasing the provided number. It helps you effectively dispute reporting inaccuracies in a timely manner and offers numerous tools for a better understanding of this rating. Request your history from all three reporting agencies, review the information shown, and dispute invalid account information such as balances or dates to prevent further harm.

Every mistake requires the report page to be copied, the problem to be highlighted, gathering of supportive documents, and a dispute letter to be written. This must be performed separately for each bureau even when it is the same error. Misspellings or the existence of invalid accounts are the easiest to fix and should be corrected first. This process needs to be tracked to ensure the right follow-up actions are taken. Another letter must be sent if the problem has not been resolved in the thirty day timeframe.

Automated credit software reduces the time it takes to complete these processes and keeps track of each disputes progress. You will enter account information once and then be walked through the required steps. Once a dispute has been filed, the software tracks this information to determine the next course of action. These tools make repairing credit easy, fast, and accurate while providing a solid tracking method for each problem being fixed.

TURNSCOR is the industry leading Credit Software platform.

No need to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to pay a lawyer or third party to do what you can do for yourself. This was the sole reason we developed TURNSCOR. The major credit bureaus and creditors would like for you to remain uninformed, thus allowing them to charge you higher rates of interest based on your personal credit scores. This reason alone makes it very difficult to build wealth without a high credit score. Get started today.