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With any web based technology you may occasionally experience some compatibility issues. We developed TurnScor with the broadest scope possible, that being said, we recommend “Mozilla Firefox”. While Internet Explorer is the the most frequently used browser,each version has different capabilities, simply put, the software works seamlessly within the “Firefox” browser. Our goal is to provide you with a simple, safe, secure user friendly environment to raise your credit scores…..In order for the “TRAINING VIDEO’s” to work you’ll need the latest version of FLASH as well. Thanks from all of us at TurnScor.

Getting Started With TurnScor

Please take a moment and “REVIEW” this simple format so you get off on the right foot. Our goal is to assist you so that you can take control of your situation and get back on track. The process is simple, safe, secure, and by using technology can be achieved by virtually everyone, regardless of your technical skill set. Watch the VIDEO for a detailed analysis:

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How do I know what to look for when reviewing my credit report?

Today, the credit reporting system is literally millions of computer files about individual consumers which are maintained by the three credit reporting companies. The files contain personal information about you – how much you owe, how you have paid your debts, your employer, your social security number, public records, etc. All of these items that are in your file is what determines your cost of money ( FICO SCORE ) should you request a third party to extend you credit. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires both the creditors and the credit bureaus to maintain accurate and verifiable records as they relate to your current accounts, payment history, and status. You simply need to hold them to that standard. The first thing you need to do is acquire a detailed tri-merge copy of your credit report. Once you’ve reviewed your file for errors you can begin the process of correcting them. The items that effect your score the most are past due payments, public records, collections, foreclosures, etc. The law clearly states that those items must be reported accurately, just make the creditors and bureaus comply with the law, you’ll be surprised how inefficient they are.

This is the credit file we used in the Training Center so you can review it first hand….

This is a LEGEND sent directly to a consumer from CSC/Equifax, it lays it all out for you in clear, precise terms….

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Create a Monthly Budget

We have created a budget for you to manage your monthly expenses. Simply look how much you have going out vs. coming in, this may be the root of your problems. Statistically about 70% of all Americans do not follow a budget, you might find it helpful to get back on track. Ask yourself a few simple questions, ( be honest, it can’t hurt right? ) do I make the most of my resources? Do I have to stop for coffee at Starbucks every morning ( $4.39 ) or do I really need Direct TV upgrade ( $76.81 ) ? The list is endless, and you will be quite surprised how quickly you can still live comfortably and save $400-$600 per month by just adhering to a budget. You might even create a more pleasant environment at home with a few dollars to spare at the end of every pay period….

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How do I send letters via Certified Mail?

This is an easy process, simply sign your letters, attach copies of your drivers license, social security card, and a current utility bill with your home address on it. This is extremely important to validate your identity to the credit bureaus, if you fail to do this part, the bureaus will simply “REJECT” your request and the process will not move forward. After you’ve successfully gathered your letters and ID’s you need to send them “certified mail” to ensure delivery, but also to establish the legal 30 day time line according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Go to your local Post Office and request the proper forms and send them off, keep your receipts so that you can update your back office and start your reminder clock in the TurnScor system. Then you simply sit back and wait for the process to unfold. TurnScor will send you reminders as to what your next step is in the process, we won’t allow you to forget!

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How do I understand what’s in an updated credit profile?

In compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act the 3 major credit bureaus must send you a “Free” copy of your credit report after they have reviewed your request. The items you requested for review will be listed on the front of the report along with the “results”. You are looking for the words “DELETED” or new information, those are usually in your favor. Once an item has been “DELETED” from your file its extremely difficult to reappear. You then simply go back into your back office, update your file, and wait for the TurnScor system to prompt you to your next task.

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How do I deal with DEBT COLLECTORS ?

Trying to get a “HANDLE” on all of your financial issues can seem overwhelming at times. It becomes even more unnerving when“COLLECTION AGENCIES” are calling you and harassing you. Nothing can create more “STRESS” than financial hardship. We completely understand, which is why it is important to have an “ADVOCATE” on your side to help you navigate the current laws, and your rights as a consumer. TurnScor has embraced a consumer attorney with extensive knowledge in debt collection and credit repair laws.  He is a leading consumer law advocate and is available to offer you free advice regarding your debt situation.  Before you embark on settling any collections or dealing with collectors, please reach out to Mark and his team of professionals.  The information that Mark provides is “FREE OF CHARGE” and there is never a cost to you, even if Mark is able to assist you in suing collectors on your behalf that may be harassing you. We have attached all of Mr. Vavrecks contact information, please feel free to contact his office for a free consultation, click on the e-mail below and get started!

Mark L. Vavreck
Attorney at Law

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What are the biggest obstacles I will face in this process?

Being patient with the process is the biggest issue you will face. Just remember that time is going to pass either way, just stay pro-active in managing your credit profile. The second biggest obstacle you will face is reducing your “DEBT” load and staying current on your remaining accounts. The worst thing you can do is continue to have past due accounts in your profile, all of that hard work will be wiped out in the next monthly reporting cycle from the credit bureaus. If you don’t understand something, simply send us an e-mail and we will try and assist you as quickly as possible, our success depends on your success…

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Is it illegal or immoral to have your credit profile cleared?

No. It is not illegal or immoral to eliminate mistakes on your credit report. In fact the federal government, under the 1970 Fair Credit Reporting Act, Section 168 le, protects your right to do so. Look at it from this perspective, do you believe the credit bureaus and lenders have your best interest at heart? When is the last time you received a call from one of them telling you they have identified errors within your credit profile and they were going to correct them because it was the right thing to do? You can stop laughing now, we both know the answer to that one! So proceed with confidence, we all make mistakes, so do the credit bureaus and the creditors, lets make sure they have it correct, your ability to grow wealth depends on it!

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How long does the restoration process take?

Everyone has a unique credit profile, all of our borrowing patterns are different. The percentages of revolving, installment, mortgage accounts are subject to the scoring models of the three bureaus. With that being the case, obviously if you have 20 items that need attention it will take longer  than if you only have 5 items that need review. The credit bureaus and lenders certainly hope you don’t stay focused and give up after a short period of time, remember, they ( creditors ) are allowed to charge you a higher rate of interest solely based on your credit score. Just about every transaction has a credit score impact ( auto insurance, credit cards, mortgage, auto loans ) so stay focused and allow the system to keep you in the game. If it takes 6 months then so be it, if its longer, that’s okay too, think about the positive things that will be coming your way with a higher credit score. Goodbye anxiety!

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Additional Resources

We have provided links to the major credit bureaus, government agencies, and other relevant sites to educate you in the process.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
The Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA)
The Fair Credit BIlling Act (FCBA)
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
The Truth In Lending Act
The Federal Trade Commission
Better Business Bureau

Equifax | TransUnion | Experian