How do I deal with DEBT COLLECTORS ?

Trying to get a “HANDLE” on all of your financial issues can seem overwhelming at times. It becomes even more unnerving when“COLLECTION AGENCIES” are calling you and harassing you. Nothing can create more “STRESS” than financial hardship. We completely understand, which is why it is important to have an “ADVOCATE” on your side to help you navigate the current laws, and your rights as a consumer. TurnScor has embraced a consumer attorney with extensive knowledge in debt collection and credit repair laws.  He is a leading consumer law advocate and is available to offer you free advice regarding your debt situation.  Before you embark on settling any collections or dealing with collectors, please reach out to Mark and his team of professionals.  The information that Mark provides is “FREE OF CHARGE” and there is never a cost to you, even if Mark is able to assist you in suing collectors on your behalf that may be harassing you. We have attached all of Mr. Vavrecks contact information, please feel free to contact his office for a free consultation, click on the e-mail below and get started!

Mark L. Vavreck
Attorney at Law

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