How do I know what to look for when reviewing my credit report?

Today, the credit reporting system is literally millions of computer files about individual consumers which are maintained by the three credit reporting companies. The files contain personal information about you – how much you owe, how you have paid your debts, your employer, your social security number, public records, etc. All of these items that are in your file is what determines your cost of money ( FICO SCORE ) should you request a third party to extend you credit. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires both the creditors and the credit bureaus to maintain accurate and verifiable records as they relate to your current accounts, payment history, and status. You simply need to hold them to that standard. The first thing you need to do is acquire a detailed tri-merge copy of your credit report. Once you’ve reviewed your file for errors you can begin the process of correcting them. The items that effect your score the most are past due payments, public records, collections, foreclosures, etc. The law clearly states that those items must be reported accurately, just make the creditors and bureaus comply with the law, you’ll be surprised how inefficient they are.

This is the credit file we used in the Training Center so you can review it first hand….

This is a LEGEND sent directly to a consumer from CSC/Equifax, it lays it all out for you in clear, precise terms….

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