How do I send letters via Certified Mail?

This is an easy process, simply sign your letters, attach copies of your drivers license, social security card, and a current utility bill with your home address on it. This is extremely important to validate your identity to the credit bureaus, if you fail to do this part, the bureaus will simply “REJECT” your request and the process will not move forward. After you’ve successfully gathered your letters and ID’s you need to send them “certified mail” to ensure delivery, but also to establish the legal 30 day time line according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Go to your local Post Office and request the proper forms and send them off, keep your receipts so that you can update your back office and start your reminder clock in the TurnScor system. Then you simply sit back and wait for the process to unfold. TurnScor will send you reminders as to what your next step is in the process, we won’t allow you to forget!

If you get STUCK, no worries, send an email to: