How long does the restoration process take?

Everyone has a unique credit profile, all of our borrowing patterns are different. The percentages of revolving, installment, mortgage accounts are subject to the scoring models of the three bureaus. With that being the case, obviously if you have 20 items that need attention it will take longer¬† than if you only have 5 items that need review. The credit bureaus and lenders certainly hope you don’t stay focused and give up after a short period of time, remember, they ( creditors ) are allowed to charge you a higher rate of interest solely based on your credit score. Just about every transaction has a credit score impact ( auto insurance, credit cards, mortgage, auto loans ) so stay focused and allow the system to keep you in the game. If it takes 6 months then so be it, if its longer, that’s okay too, think about the positive things that will be coming your way with a higher credit score. Goodbye anxiety!

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