Satisfaction Guaranteed

CyberloQ Technologies, Inc. has developed TURNSCOR to assist the average, everyday American deal with what is perceived to be a very complex issue. If you surveyed 100 Americans on how the credit scoring model works, you might get 100 varying opinions, which is just what the credit bureaus and banks prefer.  Remember, they are able to charge you a higher rate of interest if your "SCORE" is lower. Imagine the power of simplifying the process, so that everyday individuals can take charge of their personal credit scores, and access them from a single location via their home or office.

TURNSCOR has taken a complex issue and simplified it, centralized it, and given you all the "TOOLS" necessary to take control of your personal credit scores. You will get your own personalized "DASHBOARD", a personalized e-book, and a complete video based training library to simplify the process. Our software was designed with you in mind.  Our goal is to empower you to take advantage of the information given to you by law, simplify it, and organize it.  We have designed TURNSCOR to be a user-friendly, safe, secure process. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

If after 60 days you are not completely satisfied, simply send a request to the e-mail belowand we will promptly issue you a “REFUND”. No questions asked.