Training Center

Our easy Step-by-Step guide to credit management was written and illustrated using the actual software and following the FCRA guidelines. Please don't be overwhelmed or fear the credit bureaus, credit reporting agencies, or collection agencies. They all have to follow the same rules and regulations as we do, they simply hope you don't understand, or lack the will power to challenge them. TurnScor's software will guide you, coach you, and remind you every step of the way. 

How do you learn something? You absorb it in some fashion. Some of you may read it, watch it( videos ), or actually do it( demonstration ), this is how we retain information. The learning process is different for each of us, given that, we have provided all of the methods above, you pick the one ( or all ) your most comfortable with and learn the process. Once you understand it, you simply invest 30 minutes per month and raise your personal credit scores. Here is what the Training Center will provide for you as a subscriber to the software.

1.    A written e-book
2.    A video based library of “How it Works”
3.    A video based library of actually using the “TurnScor Software” 

 The items we provide for you in the FAQ's area of the Training Center will cover just about every credit related question, we will provide technical support via e-mail if you have a unique question that cannot be resolved using the software.