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Access Credit Profile

The FIRST STEP in the process is to ACCESS your credit profile and identify the items that are outdated, inaccurate, or not reporting correctly


Identify Credit Items

The SECOND STEP is to organize them in a SUMMARY GRID so you can track your progress. Keep in mind that the GRID is where everything begins.


Send Challenge Letters

The THIRD STEP is to simply print your challenge letters and submit them to the 3 major credit bureaus. We recommend sending them Certified Mail to ensure delivery and force the bureaus to validate in a timely manner.


Update Info/Credit Scores

The FOURTH STEP is to review the UPDATED credit profiles and see the RESULTS of the challenges you submitted to the credit bureaus. The LAW says that the bureaus have to provide you a FREE copy of the results. You are the first to see items that have been DELETED!


The next STEP is to REVIEW your personal credit profile and UPDATE your CREDIT SCORES. Charting your progress and monitoring your scores is the surest way to changing your financial outlook.


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